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John Fox is one of America's Most Recognized Fishing and Hunting Personalities.

John has hosted an outdoor television series on National and Network television plus ESPN for over twenty-seven years. His credentials and expertise in fishing and hunting have no equal:
  • Charter Member of the International Fishing Hall of Fame USA
  • Ten times World and National Bass Fishing Champion
  • Two times Bass Champion of Champions
  • Five times Duck Calling Champion
  • Three times Goose Calling Champion
  • Three times Wild Turkey Calling Champion
  • 45 years pro guiding experience

 You probably read about JOHN FOX in a 2001 issue of Outdoor Life; 2001 issue of Field & Stream; or  2000 issue of In-Fisherman Magazine. Many writers have featured John Fox in their bass fishing articles over the past 20 years, they consider him one of the top bass fishing authorities in America..

 The ONE Florida Pro Bass Guide that has guided "his clients" to trophy bass that weigh: 20lbs 5oz;  19.8lbs;19.4 lbs; (2) bass weighing 19lbs 2oz.; and (6) bass over 18lbs.' this Pro Bass Guide is JOHN FOX.  He has guided his clients to 400 or more trophy bass weighing ten pounds or more...and as for mentioned  two NEW unofficial Florida record TROPHY BASS weighing 20 lbs. 4 oz and 20 lbs. 5 oz. Florida is noted for its BIG BASS. These large bass caught by John's clients, from his boat, are five of the six largest bass ever caught in the state of Florida.

John has an uncanny ability to quickly locate and catch bass on any lake or reservoir... anywhere! He is to his fellow bass fishing professionals and weekend fishermen, what the great Ben Hogan is to Golf. John is known as the Pro's Pro. His book and video, "How, When and Where to Catch Bass", is rated as the number one bass fishing video on the market today. His outdoor television series was aired worldwide via satellite five times each week, and is carried by over 140 broadcast and cable facilities including ESPN. John's personal appearances in Sport Shows pull huge audiences to his informative seminars.

He built his guide service reputation on this theory. Unless a guide is on the water every day, or at least five to six days a week, they cannot know where to locate and catch bass like a guide that fishes 250 to 350 days a year. John Fox and his All-Pro Staff fish year round, almost every day. They are interested in your repeat business, and your referral business, not just one time bookings.

John Fox has over 50 years of Pro-Fishing experience. There is no substitute for years on the water. Breaking the Florida State Big Bass Record five times in two years takes experience. Catching more than 400 bass over ten lbs. in the last six years takes experience. There is no substitute for experience.

John Fox's theories on how to establish definite daily migrating and feeding patterns of largemouth bass, first published in his book in 1974, have been accepted by fishing professionals as the standard to locate and catch largemouth bass for the past 30 years.

John Fox is the consummate Professional. His Guide client's repeat and referral business is second to no other pro guide in the business. If you book John Fox for your next fishing trip... you WILL want to fish with him again.
 Your results are guaranteed in writing.  We were the first professional bass fishing guide service to offer the guarantee so when you book a trip ,with us Our "No Fish, No Pay" guarantee assures you of a successful bass catching trip. Yes, we take you BASS CATCHING... not just bass fishing.

John Fox and his All-Pro Staff are "people people". They are cordial, and treat customers with respect. They give special attention to women and children, in order to assure them a memorable fishing trip. Members of the Pro Staff do not drink alcohol during a fishing trip, however, Clients may drink beer, if they must.

True full time guide services in Florida charge on average $275.00 to $400.00 per day. This covers the guide and the boat for an eight hour trip. Some guide services charge for the use of tackle and lures. We don't. We furnish our Clients with tackle and artificial lures. Some guide services charge for backlashed lines, lost plastic worms, hooks, sinkers and lures. We don't.

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