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John Fox is proud to be affiliated with some of the top Trophy Bass professionals in the state of Florida which have proven themselves time and again to clients that they ARE experts at locating and catching Trophy Bass in Florida.

These professionals are members of John Fox's Pro Guide Staff.

Florida has many retired fishermen who have relocated to Florida to be able to fish and pay living expenses. These retiree guides have very little to NO experience in guiding fishermen to a successful Bass Fishing trip. They are referred to as 'one trip guides', meaning, that they will tell an untruth to a potential guide client just to get them in the boat for fishing day to earn a guide's fee and don't care if they ever see that client again.

THE ABOVE IS TRUE. Our Trophy Bass Guide Service only uses TOP PRO guides with many years of experience fishing Florida waters with the knowledge to locate and catch Trophy Bass for their clients. You cannot beat experience.

Don't confuse John Fox's Trophy Bass Guide Service with any of the others in Florida. John Fox has earned the reputation of having the BEST repeat and referral Bass fishing guide service in the state. As a matter of fact, his motto is, "We don't take you Bass fishing….We take you Bass catching !"

There is a difference. Our Pro Guide service offers a "NO FISH-NO PAY guarantee". If you fish with our guide service and DO NOT CATCH or HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CATCH BASS, you are not obligated to pay for your trip.

A word about our Pro Staff Guides…..

DOUG GILLEY is respected as one of Florida's Bass Fishing's Professional Guides with the experience to place his clients in PROVEN Bass Locales and instruct them on How to Catch Trophy Bass.

Doug Gilley was the first $100,000 first place BASS tournament winner when he won the BASS SUPER BASS title. Doug has won many Bass fishing tournaments including National Bass Fishing tournaments. Doug has the experience and the ability to turn an even poor day into a good day of Bass Fishing because of his experience as a Professional Bass fisherman.

Doug also offers instructional advice to his Bass fishing clients on his techniques, on locating and catching Bass that can help the client on their Bass fishing endeavors when they return home.

Our clients respect and enjoy having DOUG GILLEY as their Pro Bass Fishing Guide.

GREG GIBSON has the reputation amongst Bass fishermen and other Bass fishing guides as one of Florida's Most Knowledgable TROPHY BASS CATCHING GUIDES.

In 2010, Greg's largest Bass weighed 14 ¼ pounds. He also placed his clients on two more Trophy Bass in the 13 ½ pound weight class.

Greg guides his clients using his wealth of knowledge and experience to locations that according to the time of year, moon stages, and water surface temperature has consistently produced Trophy Bass in excess of 10 pounds. Greg is truly one of Florida's Very Best Trophy Bass guides.

Jimmy Smith
CAPTAIN JIMMY SMITH has proven to John Fox and his clients that he has the uncanny ability to consistently guide his clients to Top Bass locations and the ability to provoke strikes that end up with Large Bass.

Jimmy's repeat client business as one of John Fox's Pro Staffers is unparalleled. Jimmy guarantees an outstanding fishing trip to ALL OF HIS CLIENTELE.

Tony Schillizzi
TONY SCHILLIZZI is another of John Fox's Pro Guide Staffers. Tony is one of, not only Florida's, but one of America's Very Best Artificial Lure fishermen for Bass. Tony has the ability to provide excellent Bass Fishing experiences for all of his Bass Fishing clients. Tony offers Professional Advice and Instruction on fishing Artificial Bass Lures that our clients praise him for because it improves their individual Bass Fishing trips.

JERRY BROWN 2009 Angler of the Year.

Ron Royal
RON ROYAL is one of John Fox's Pro Staffers who has guided for John's Trophy Bass Guide Service for over 10 years. No Professional Bass Fishing guide in the state of Florida can produce as many Bass on any given Bass fishing trip that Ron Royal can. Ron's clients, when calling to book a trip, specifically ask for Ron Royal to guide them again.

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