Bass Replica and Taxidermy mounts of Trophy Bass. Taxidermy and bass mount of like like quality. As close to real bass mounts as it gets!
Trophy Bass - Taxidermists to Replicas


To conserve and preserve the threatened population of game fish, many anglers are using the talents of taxidermists to replica mount their trophy catches of fish.

 Replica mounts of saltwater game fish has prevailed for many years. All sailfish, marlin, tarpon and other saltwater fish on display in homes and businesses are artfully created out of fiberglass or resin and then hand painted to a realistic look.

 Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass replica mounts have been the preferred mount to a 'real bass' mount for the past ten years.

A replica mounted bass is a lifetime investment in a trophy mount, unlike a 'real bass' mount that will turn dark and darker with age as the natural oils in the fish seep to the outside skin and fins begin to break off and look like broken potato chips.

 A replica mount will look the same in fifty years, for an angler's great grand children to admire, as it does when an angler proudly hangs it on their wall for the first time.    
A replica mount is a lifetime investment in a mounted fish.

 We offer replica mounts of a big trophy bass from ten pounds to over twenty pounds.    We specialize in largemouth bass and smallmouth bass replica mounts, however we offer replica taxidermy for "all" species of fresh and saltwater fish at affordable prices.

 Our " Look Alive " taxidermy service is recognized because of museum quality and natural look of our replica mounts. Our replica mounts do truly look alive. There are several reasons to get a replica mounted bass.

Any proud angler that wants to remember their trophy catch.
An angler that has caught one a trophy bass in the past,but didn't mount the fish for one reason or the other.
An angler that had the 'big bass' of his dreams get away and wants a replica mount to help them remember the moment.
A business that recognizes that bass fishermen like to admire big trophy bass.
An angler that would just like a big trophy bass for their wall.

We paint and finish not just one side of a replica mount, but both sides. Every fish mount has gills on both sides and eyes on both sides. Most replica taxidermist shops only finish one side of the replica mount, painting the back side black.

 Many of our customers hang their replica mounts on the wall. With both sides finished it can be used for a lamp or table mount and they look outstanding.

 All of our replica mounts, both fresh and saltwater are accompanied by a frameable 'elite angler certificate' to hang next to the replica mount, recognizing the angler for their catch.

All that's required for us to produce a replica mount, for a fresh or saltwater fish are the length and girth measurements of the fish and / or the weight of the fish.    If you have a photograph of the fish send it along. Because our forty years of experience, we excel in our painted finishes without a photograph.    Don't make a bad taxidermy decision by using a replica taxidermist without the proper experience to make your trophy a true look alive trophy mount.

We have award winning Taxidermists to replica mount your Big Bass catch You will be amazed at the detail and quality of our replica mounts. All work is unconditionally guaranteed. Call 352-288-BASS (2277) for rates.
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